Booking kosher holiday events
is now easier than ever!

We specialize in creating events for Jewish holidays.
Our events include lots of activities and options, such as hotel packages with kosher meals, kid activities and more!



Come and celebrate with us at the luxurious  Renaissance hotel in Boca Raton, FL


Check in: September 29th 2019
Check out: October 2nd 2019

בשיתוף עם מרכז חב"ד לדוברי עברית, בוקה רטון פלורידה, בניהול הרב נפתלי הרצל


FULL BOARD PROGRAM (holiday gourmet meals are included)

Up to 4 guests in a room (2 adults & 2 children)


● $1500 for 2 adults

● Additional $150 per kid that is under 13 years old

● Additional $200 per kid that is above 14 years old

● Room type: Double queen bed / 1 King bed 

*Prices do not include taxes
**Quantity of rooms is limited
***These are discounted prices for the next 30 days.


Very large selection of gourmet kosher food!
A variety of high-quality meat dishes, along with delicious side dishes, salads, desserts and different kinds of beverage/wine on
the tables.

*Meals cannot be purchased individually outside of the packages that we offer.

Holiday prayers (Sephardic nusach)

Coming all the way from Israel, the famous cantor Yosef Lechiani!

Free admission and free seating for prayers:

Guests that are coming to the prayers only without booking any room at the hotel, will not be charged at all.

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